Sep 202010

Well, what can I say? My holidays are running towards their end and I can already hear my job start calling me… Today is the last day of my holidays, tomorrow morning early the alarm will sound again and we’re going back into every-day routine. On top of that, the last past days were sunny and dry, a bit fresh in the morning, but lovely during the day. But…

No Norton 🙁

I sent an email to Machines & Moteurs last week. After some thinking, I’ve asked them to repair only the right exhaust thread which seems a bit stupid; as they need to take apart the engine (and hopefully rebuild it again) which takes more time than the repairs itself, I could as well ask them to do both left and right exhaust threads at once. The left one still holds (a bit), better than the right but I can only imagine that it is a matter of time before the left side starts giving problems too. With both exhaust threads done at once, they shouldn’t give me any problems for at least a while. Now I hope only one thing : when the Norton is done and I can go pick her up, that it won’t rain 😉

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