Sep 012010

The Norton finally has a name! Or well, my wife gave the Norton a name, I’m not quite sure what to think about it. First she called the Norton my Mistress and that she could smell my mistress (warm oil) when I came home. Would indeed be difficult to hide it from her when I took the Norton out for a ride. As I still have some problems with the right exhaust locking nut, though I managed again to tighten it again somewhat, the jointure isn’t quite airtight, she’s blowing a bit of exhaustgas through the jointure. Not much, but enough to “hisss” again a bit and hence why my wife calls the Norton now “Daffy” (from Daffy the Duck); “Sssszzuper, a Norton” 🙂

Meanwhile I also looked, again, at why the brakelight doesn’t come on when using the front brake. I thought to be smart and check first if the switch itself is perhaps defective.

Frontbrake light switch

I had to loosen and turn the master cilinder a bit just to be able to lower the protective casing a bit. First I measured the negative power, OK. Then I had a brilliant idea, put a screwdriver between the two contacts and … Nothing. The brakelight still didn’t come on. That means that the problem isn’t the switch, but somewhere else in the wiring. So next time I’ll have to remove again the fueltank and check again the nice tie of wires there.

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