Mar 142017
Last sunday the Norton started cold on the first kick. It was sunny, nice spring weather. The Norton ran quite good. But when I got back there was another surprise;

primary chain case leak
Primary chain case oil leak

When the engine was hot the Norton used to leak a couple of drops but now … it is more than a couple of drops. I still have another primary chain case joint laying around, I suppose it is time to change it (if that will seal it).

Afgelopen zondag startte de Norton koud op de eerste trap. Het was zonnig, mooi voorjaarsweer. De Norton liep vrij aardig. Maar toen ik terug kwam was er een andere verassing;

primaire kettingkast lekt
Primaire kettingkast lekt

Als de motor goed warm was lekte de Norton al een paar druppeltjes maar nu … is het meer dan een paar druppeltjes. Ik heb hier ergens nog een nieuwe kettingkast pakking liggen, ik denk dat het tijd word die er maar eens in te doen (als dat het wilt dichten).

Dimanche dernier la Norton a démarré sur le premier coup. Il faisait beau, un beau temps de printemps. La Norton roulait quasi correctement mais quand je rentrai il y avait un autre surprise;

la chaine primaire fuite
Une fuite de la chaine primaire

Quand le moteur est chaud la Norton perdait déjà quelques goutes d’huile mais là … c’est un peu plus que quelques goutes. J’ai encore un joint neuf quelque part, c’est peut-être le moment de le changer (si ça veut bien fermer hermétiquement).

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  1. Hi ROB, that Norton certainly gives you a hard time, you could try as well as replacing the o”ring using a little Loctite master gasket on the case this stays flexible & does not go hard & therefore is easy to remove. This should be readily available at any bearing or engineers supplier. This was the only thing that would seal a Tr6 primary i had years ago.CHEERS MATE STEVE

  2. ‘morning Steve,
    Years ago I was already reading about Norton’s weaknesses, like the leaking primary, exhaust locking nuts threads vibrating out, Amal carburateur deforming or wear due to heat or vibrations, slipping or sticking clutches and strangely, one after another I seem to run into them. And I’m not even riding all that much. Trying to re-invent the wheel for solutions others seem to have years ago. The Loctite, is that the 515 or the 518 ? (I’ve looked on (nothing) and Ebay, one seller in the UK, the others in Australie, I may have to post-order it). Is the Loctite replacing the rubber joint or goes the loctite on top of the joint ?
    Thanks so much ! Cheers Rob

  3. Hi Rob, the master gasket i use is 515 just lightly coat the o”ring before assembly. It remains flexible so vibration does not worry it, you should be able to find it at any industrial supplier & because it seals but does not stick the parts together a light tap with a soft hammer easily splits the parts. I do feel for you with all the trouble you are putting up with over the years i have totally rebuilt my Bonneville using as many improved aftermarket parts & it is absolutely reliable & oil tight having said that it is very expensive to do this i bought parts over a number of years before the big rebuild. Check out Norvil for what is available for your Norton they are beautiful to ride when sorted. ALL THE BEST STEVE

  4. Hi Rob, have you had a look at jerry doe & his Commando web site probably the best info for Commando owners on the net, just a thought, i hope your wife”s health has improved to, you could also use the 518 Loctite if you have trouble getting the 515. CHEERS MATE STEVE

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