Sep 212016
This afternoon I’ve tried with the clamp of the carburetor’s needles in the lowest position (needle at highest position) and that runs. Runs good, even! The "dip" that was yesterday between 2.000 and 2.500 rpm is gone and the engine pulls over the whole range. After checking the oil level, it was above max. so I took some out.
The engine runs and idles fine. We should be all set for the moment 🙂
Cette après-midi j’ai essayé de mettre les petits pinces des aiguilles dans les carburateurs sur la position la plus basse (l’aiguille au plus haute) et ça roule. Du tonnère même ! Le "trou" d’hier entre 2.000 et 2.500 rpm a disparu et le moteur répond bien dans toutes les regimes. Après vérification du niveau d’huile , le niveau était au dessus de max. donc j’ai siphonné un peu.
Le moteur tourne bien et tourne bien au ralenti. Ça devrait le faire pour l’instant 🙂
Vanmiddag heb ik geprobeerd met de klemmetjes van de naalden in de carburateurs op de laagste positie (naalden in de hoogste positie) en dat loopt goed. Loopt heel goed zelfs! De "dip" die gisteren tussen de 2.000 en 2.500 rpm zat is verdwenen en de moter trekt nu over het gehele bereik. Nadien het olie peil nog even nagekeken en het stond net boven het maximale dus heb ik er weer wat uit gehaald.
De motor loopt nu goed en loopt goed stationnair. Voorlopig kunnen we weer even vooruit 🙂
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  1. HI Rob,you could try setting the carbs up the way i do it on my 69 T120 works really well on the triumph. First adjust the throttle cables from the cable junction so that they have the minimum free play,, Then start the engine & take one plug lead off then adjust the pilot air screw & throttle stop screw in the OPPOSITE carburetter until the motor runs regulary then replace the plug lead & repeat the process similarly for the other carburetter. With both plug leads replaced the idle will be too fast & the stop screws should be lowered simultaneously until correct or the motor will run rough. particulary under accelerating HOPE THIS IS USEFULL STEVE AUSTRALIA

  2. Hi Steve ! How have you been doing ? Thanks for your comments, I can give that a try, I suppose you do that on a warm engine ?

  3. Yes Rob on a warm engine as it is hard to keep the engine running if it is cold, as you say everything is easy when you know how, i ride my Bonny like its stolen and if done regularly it stays in perfect tune and runs great, by the way i love reading your blog.

  4. Hi Steve, say, could I ask you something ? As you can read here ( ) yesterday I set its air and idle by trying to use your method (running one cylinder). I think I did it right. This afternoon, sunny, I thought to go for a ride and enjoy but … No way to get her started ! I’ve tried for over one hour and can’t remember how many times I kicked the engine but I’m tired, slightly frustrated and can’t feel my right leg anymore 😉
    She gets gas, both spark plugs fire (just in case one of the coils would have died on me again) and yet, no go. Sometimes for half a second (a couple of rotations), sometimes she spits back. I was just wondering if I missed something; for instance, do you have the choke (starter) slides in your carburetors or do you run without them ?
    It is perhaps pure coincidence because after a while I set the air/gas mixture screws back to “default” (all the way in, then 1,5 turns out) which is perhaps not perfect but she used to start on it but .. nothing (besides some back fires)
    Which made me think it could just be coincidence.
    Just in case I also put in a new battery but still no go.

    In general, starting cold, she likes to be a bit on the starter and opening the throttle just a little. When I open the throttle while kicking I can hear the engine sucking air, so the carbs should have both gas and air.

    After an hour I abandoned, frustrated, because I don’t like to park her knowing she doesn’t start. If she gets gas, spark plugs are clean and ignite, any idea why the engine would not start ?
    Maybe it only works when there are kangaroos watching ? 😉

  5. Hi Rob yes i still have the chokes fitted i use about half choke only when cold. Do you have electronic ignition fitted if not get it now british bikes really like to be used and not sitting around it does sound like you may have an air leak on the inlet side causing a lean mixture also make sure your battery has at least 12.7 volts, i don”t use my bike so much these days and it can take quite a few kicks to fire, and all the settings are perfect i am a perfectionist so i drive myself crazy checking things however i used to use it as a daily rider and it would start on one or two kicks just by flooding the carbs withe ticklers every day. cheers steve

  6. Hi Rob, did you let the Norton see that you were only putting the old spark plugs back in, if you are going to do this you will have to go out of view of the bike and put the old plugs in new boxes this can some times fool the bike. On the subject of kangaroos watching perhaps a stuffed toy may suffice for your needs. Best of luck Steve

  7. Hi Steve, unfortunately I don’t have as much time as I would like to dedicate to the Norton; I was going to have another look at it last weekend but due to my wife’s health issues I didn’t want to leave her alone for too long. I did take out the battery and put a charger on it (I have a charger/tickle charger as well) but according to the charger the battery was already fully charged. As for the spark plugs, last week Saturday I just put in two brand new ones, on which she started and has ran. Last week Sunday (with the new plugs), no way to get her started.

    I’ve been thinking about an electric starter kit but then again, in general I don’t have issues as the engine runs on the 3rd or 4th kick. But after an hour of trying to get her started it is clear that something is wrong and far from sure she would have started with an electric starter. Actually by the 10th kick it is already pretty clear that something is wrong, it is just me who’s stubborn and who keeps on thinking that on the next kick she may start. Until I called myself defeated after one hour and completely out of breath.

    So it is not the battery, the charger says it is charged and gives 12,78 volts.

    Back in November she started to get ignitions in the mufflers while closing the gas and braking on the engine. First I thought it was false air through the exhausts balance pipe, which has been replaced since, but the ignitions in the exhaust were less, yet not gone. The second advice I got was indeed also a too lean mixture. Perhaps because of false air not in the exhaust but the intake (when I kick while opening the gas a little I can hear the engine suck air). So now I’m planing on removing again the carburetors, replacing the joints and see what that does. If that still doesn’t change anything, I’ll go to the toy store and get myself a stuffed kangaroo, just in case 😉

    I’ll let you know how it goes !

    Best regards,


  8. Hi Steve,

    Just to let you know that the Norton runs again (I just added a new post) 🙂

    Best regards,


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