Sep 302010

Laurent from Machines & Moteurs called me tonight, the Norton is ready 🙂

All went well, engine pieces are put back together again (I hope they didn’t do like me, I usually find myself with some “spare parts” left over once all put back together again). He told me that they found two things to look at; the clutch slips (but that I already noticed, how could one not notice it?) and he told me something about (re)tightning something after 50km, but he told me he will explain when I go pick up the Norton. Luckely, because to be honnest, I already forgot what exactly he said. It is not that I don’t understand quickly, it is just that one has to explain for a long time. Inside joke of course but then again, I’ve always been more visual orientated than textual; if I see something, I can do it. If one tells me something, they may need to repeat it a couple of times before it sinks in.

The clutch will have to wait a bit though, at least untill after I got my 13th month paycheck. Perhaps towards the end of winter. I know it needs replacing, but I’m not asking much from my Norton and ride it more like a grandpa on a sunny day. To replace it, I’ll take the Norton back again to Machines and Moteurs, I still prefer to pay a bit more and have it done professionally than trying myself and break things. Also because, if the clutch would break, I have no other means yet to transport the Norton.

For the moment I’m already quite happy with the work done on the exhaust fixation, the first “big” work of a long series of things that need to be done towards a more reliable Norton (clutch, primary belt drive, electronic ignition, ..). I’m not in a hurry, I’ll get there 🙂

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