Oct 092010

This weekend, completely unexpected, the weather is splendid. Almost summer like. So this morning I’ve polished and cleaned the whole Norton. Since her oil change and fixed exhaust locking nuts, the Norton leaks less oil. Not that I mind some oil leaks,  but it feels good that for once the whole engine, carbus and frame are less “greasy”.

After having finished cleaning the Norton I took her out for a ride. The Norton starts fine, cold on the 4th or 5th kick but to my feeling is her engine idle speed a bit low. At Boulogne while waiting for a red light, I was joined by a couple on a chopper. We exchanged a friendly “bonjour”, but at the next trafic light he said, in Dutch, “dat is een prachtige motor, van wanneer is ze?”. That was a bit surprising, because the number of Dutch people I’ve crossed here, in 11 years time, limit themselves to the van der Laan family (neighbours of my parents-in-law), my mother and her friend. I went back to Holland several times, but in fact, no member of my family ever came to visit me and Catherine here in France. I wonder though how they knew that I was Dutch myself, because it isn’t actually very visible, besides a very tiny written “NL” placed in a tiny circle on the Norton’s license plate, but even then, only visible when looking real close.

Norton Commando 850 all clean and fixed again

Besides the slightly lower engine idle speed, I can only state that Machines & Moteurs did a wonderful job. The Norton runs great, airtight, I’m very happy. Or perhaps, go figure, has the Norton now the correct engine idle speed and was she running idle too fast before? That could also be possible. I just have to get used to it, because when closing the throttle, it gives the feeling as if the engine dies, but no no, she idles alright.

My wife told me that I should write “http://norton.alterlinks.com” somewhere on the Norton or on my helmet, perhaps I make new friends to stay in touch, but to be honnest, even if I would do that, I can only imagine that someone would think after they got home “what was that again what was written?” and it wouldn’t do much good anyway.

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